The West Country Deli
The West Country Deli

Covid 19

A few polite requests-


  1. Please use the hand sanitiser provided
  2. Please find a table that has been cleared and sanitised.
  3. Please do not move any tables or chairs from current locations
  4. Choose from the laminated (and sanitised) menu.
  5. We ask that only one person from each group comes to the counter to order and pay.
  6. We prefer contactless card payments if possible
  7. Your order will be bought to your table
  8. Please respect other people’s social distance.


Covid 19- contact tracing

We are asked by HMG to obtain contact details of customers who use our cafe, strictly only for the use by NHS Track and Trace

Please text your name and contact phone number to our dedicated mobile number 07xxxxxxxxx,

or email

This data will be deleted after 21 days, and will not be used for any other purposes.

This is not compulsory, but means that the NHS can contact you if necessary


By the way

We’re sorry, but a few items on our usual menu are not available to allow safe working in the food preparation area.

We’re following the latest government guidelines. As this changes, our procedures will be updated. We hope you understand we have to- not only because of legal obligation but to keep you and our staff safe.



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